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Thread: Boost options for a Para DI

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    Boost options for a Para DI

    G'day all,

    I have had my Para DI for some time now and it's starting to get a bit more live use. I'm looking for a boost for solos playing in a duo My question is has anyone had any experience with putting some sort of boost in their set up. I've tried volume pedals , boost pedals in the effects loop but still not quite happy. Thinking of trying a GE-7. It goes before the eq of the DI when in the loop so not sure how it will interact.
    Otherwise might be time to save for a Venue. (expensive in oz)
    Any experience appreciated.
    (Maton 808 Michael Fix model guitar with AP5 pro pickup )



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    Hi Ziggy,

    For use along with the Para DI, the Boss GE-7 is one I suggest for those who want a footswitch-controlled boost. It has an advantage of allowing you to boost(or cut) certain frequencies and tailor the tone of the boosted signal.

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    I've used an MXR MicroAmp in front of the Para DI, not in the effects loop. I just had to make sure that the MXR wouldn't clip the DI's input when it was boosted. It worked pretty well, for my setup at least.

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