Hi, I just bought and installed the anthem pickup (not the SL or Stagepro).

I really like the sound of it, it seems to be functioning correctly. The only problem is that I get what sounds like a low 60 cycle hum. It goes nearly completely away if I touch the endpin jack or strings. But if I let off, there it is again. When playing using my Shure wireless pack there is no hum at all. It hums in more than one environment that I have checked it in...as long as I am physically plugged into whatever system, amp etc that I'm using.

Any help would be appreciated. I have only seen one other guy on a forum that seems to have had the same problem. Here is the link: http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/f...oto=nextnewest

No one seemed to fix his issue! I did take the strings back off and make sure the saddle was down nice and evenly on the UST. No change. I didn't think that was the problem anyway because the tone is even and nice. I was just checking because of what was posted in that forum.

thanks and I look forward to some insight!