I have just had an Anthem installed in my 1965 Martin D18 and, having always been an acoustic finger-picker, I’m a “newby” when it comes to pickups, amplifiers and the various controls.
I am now playing in a (LOUD) Classic Rock Band where my acoustic guitar solos must be heard above the other instruments.
I was using an LR Baggs Element but found that feedback at high volumes was a major problem so I upgraded to the Anthem. (Which sounds awesome !!)
I am playing through a Fender Acoustasonic SFX acoustic guitar amp and would appreciate any advise on the optimal settings to obtain maximum volume without risk of feedback.
Could you please explain the correlation between the “Volume” setting on the Anthem, The “Gain” setting on the amp and the “Master Volume” setting on the amp ?
Should the Anthem volume be set high and then the volume controlled from the Master Volume on the amp, or should the amp’s volume be set high and then controlled from the Anthem ? And, what roll should the Gain on the amp play ?
I would appreciate any advise on this or a link to where I might find more information.
Thank you for your help.......and for a great product !