Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has used this (KMI Batt-O-Meter Battery Tester) or any other 9 volt battery tester in any Baggs pickup. I have the Anthem SL installed in 2 of my acoustics and left very little play in the lead to the battery. So, to change the battery I have to remove all the strings. I know the battery should last for up to 170 hours but I just changed one of my batteries and found that there is still plenty of life. Not a problem as I use them in the Venue DI. But I would sure like to know the status of my internal battery.

This product (KMI Batt-O-Meter Battery Tester ) has mixed reviews since it does not work in all 1/4 " jacks. Anyone use this with the Anthem or other Baggs product?

Bryan, any input?