Hi there !

I'm a new member here and hoping I can get some good advice.

I have purchased online a luthier-made 12-string guitar.
This is a modern, reasonably authentic reproduction of a 1920's Stella 12 string guitar.
Ladder braced, 26.5" scale length, strings 14-66, and tuned down from standard E, to B instead.

I'm relatively new to acoustic guitar pickups and want to get something really good. I've never really liked the quack from piezo pickups, but magnetic soundhole pickups can sound too electric and the same (no matter what guitar it is on). Nothing new there, I'd expect !

I quite fancy the Anthem pickup. My main question is about the crossover point at which the mic doesn't work below. As my 12 string guitar is tuned much lower, surely much less of my guitar sound will actually come from the mic - and more from the piezo strip ???
Therefore, will my guitar not benefit much with this pickup compared to other pickups I could try instead ?

Has anyone tried the Anthem pickup on a very low tuned guitar ??? (tuned down to B, possibly even A)

Many thanks in advance.