I have an LR Baggs I Beam with a volume control in a 1980 Guild D-35 acoustic guitar It was professionally installed at the local music store by a guitar tech of good reputation, however, from the day I got it, it never sounded that good. Most pickups are going to need a little high rolled off on the PA channel, but this is awful. It has this tinny scooped out sound with no character or nuance, it sounds like all snappy attack, no body whatsoever. It does not remotely resemble the tone of the instrument unplugged. I was able to do a few gigs with it and spend time on the PA to EQ it to where it was functional, but it is not a plug and play thing. The New Years' Eve gig was the worst of the tone, and it was to the point of being embarrasing. What is going on with this thing? Install? Guitar and pickup don't get along? What? Baggs has a great rep, something must be wrong out here.