Been doing a bit of research and I wondering given my situation - I'm a singer/songwriter who gigs on a fairly regular basis as a solo performer and once in a while I also have a band behind me. I have a 1974 Guild D44 - now it seems as if the iBeam (passive) would be better suited for solo acoustic performances given that it is prone to heaviness and boom at higher volumes (cited from another thread) but I don't want to limit my guitar's capabilities. Ive heard the M1 and I feel it looses a bit of the warmth and intimacy found in the iBeam (passive), yet given a live band situation would it be ok to use iBeam or is better to do a combo of iBeam with imix and M1? - similar to what Tom Petty uses.

Lastly if I were to use the combo iBeam with iMix and M1 would I have to change my acoustic guitar strings to a lighter guage - I currently use D'addario Phospher Bronze guage 12 and I'm quite pleased with the sound I get out of my guitar with them