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Thread: Does / Did L.R. Baggs make a pick-up for Viola?

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    Does / Did L.R. Baggs make a pick-up for Viola?

    I have a pick-up on my viola and I could swear it was a LR Baggs viola pickup that was put on. I can't find it on the website. Maybe it was a violin pickup that was put on? I need to get a back up one asap. If there are no Baggs viola pickups to get, got any recommendations?

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    Hi ryandave,
    We don't have any "production" pickups for Viola. We have made some custom Viola pickups before, and we still do some orders from time to time. If you are interested in getting pricing for a custom Viola pickup, you can find a dealer in your area ( and talk to them about ordering one for you.

    -Caleb E.
    LR Baggs Tech.

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