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Thread: Element Hybrid in Traveler Escape

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    Element Hybrid in Traveler Escape

    I am repairing a Traveler Escape which features an L R Baggs under saddle element hybrid transducer and an L R Baggs Element Hybrid System with onboard EQ and headphone amp. The pcb is marked SHADOW TRAV-HE.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a wiring diagram or at least what the corresponding colours of the preamp output wiring are for please?

    There is a coax cable which is from the transducer and then red, white, blue, and black wires from the module itself. Can I assume that Red is +9V, Black is Gnd and the output is either white or blue.


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    Hey fletchers,
    The preamp on that guitar is actually made by Shadow Electronics. It does use our Element pickup, but the preamp is not our design.

    So you would need to talk to Traveler or Shadow in order to get the correct wiring information.

    I hope that helps.

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    traveler escape MKII bass

    fletchrs -- did you ever get the info you needed? I'm dealing with the same kind of problem, and will likely replace both the transducer and the headphone amp/preamp unit. I found nothing useful on the Shadow Electronics site, and have found some help from Mike at Traveler Guitars, but clearly this is a discontinued item, and parts or info are hard to find. If you know what piezoelectric replacement transducer this guitar uses, I would appreciate it. Thanks, BT

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