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Thread: LR Baggs Technical Support On The Forum

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    Due to our service agreement with PRS, they must be contacted directly for service and repair issues. If you need help contacting them, let me know ([email protected]).

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    Element Pickup Issue

    I recently have come across an issue with my input jack.

    I own a Gibson J 180 EC Special that came with an Element pickup installed. I went to unplug after I had finished playing and the cable wouldnt come out as easy as it usually does. I gave it a slightly firmer tug and it came out.

    I proceeded to try and plug the cable in and noticed that it wouldnt go in easy. I packed up and tried again the next day to insert the cable gently and after a couple attempts I was able to plug it in and unplug it a couple times with no issue.

    The next time that I went to plug it I came across the same issue of not being able to plug in. I again tried a couple times and was able to plug it in. Again I unplugged and packed up and when I got home tried to see if the problem persisted.

    When I went to plug in this time, I checked to see if there was any signal coming out by plugging into a stompbox tuner. I noticed that only when I plucked a string with force it would read.

    Finally, I plugged into my recording interface to see if there was loss of tone and sure enough it only puts out low end.

    Im hoping someone could help me as I use my guitar multiple times a week as it I use it as part of how I make a living and to sit down to try and figure out the problem consumes enough of the spare time that I have very little of.

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    The PRS bridges are all wrap-around bridges, and the T-Bridge is Tune-O Matic. On top of that, the Piezo sensors themselves are slightly different. So unfortunately, there is no way that the T-Bridge would be a replacement for the PRS Hollowbody Bridge.

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    corroded saddles on X bridge

    hi, really need help regarding this one. i've been using an X bridge for my vintage strat for 5 years now and noticed than my saddles have some sort of corrosion on it. how do i clean them? is there a way to fix it on my own? I also noticed that the high E string has low
    volume output compared to the others. what should i do? =(

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    Hi Adam,
    Once that metal is corroded, whether it's due to skin PH, weather, or something else, there really isn't a way to get them back to 100%. You could clean them with a light abrasive cloth, but you may also risk damaging the sensors if mishandled.

    If one of your saddles has lost some output, it may be related to a change in string pressure, or it could be a problem with the way that the sensor is seated in the saddle. Those would both be things to look for.

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    Caleb: first: you were right about the cable on my Anthem not being secured. it was juuuust grazing the top. this caused the wolf bass note that i had bragged about solving with the Venue e.q. now, the sound is perfect.

    i am still listening for that "more" perfect sound.

    turning the gain all the way up on both my Anthem and my Ultrasound amp does not seem to yield any distortion. The instructions say to maximize gain (before distortion) to get the most nuance and accuracy out of the Anthem. also, the red light does not come on.

    so...any reason not to maximize the gain both places?

    might there be distortion that I'm not hearing that an audience might???


    brent marchbanks

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    In order to get the most signal with the least amount of noise, you should turn up each item in your signal chain (ie. The Anthem, preamp, amp, mixing console, etc.) as much as possible without peaking or causing distortion. Then you will be able to get the most detail, and signal from your system. If you aren't hearing any distortion, then it's likely that the audience isn't either.

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    Dual out of Xbridge and xcontrol?

    Hi, I've bought a Custom Warmoth guitar where the former owner have installed a Xbrigde and a Control X.

    The guitar has a "3 way flip switch" and a push button (on off?).
    Just like this one:

    the system seems to work, when I push "on" and flip the switch I get acoustic sound from my Strat

    But is there any way to get both?
    With a stereo cable or something?

    Ive tried a stereo to 2xmono cable but the sound did not seem to be good at all.

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    I know this is probably something that you can't answer and maybe shouldn't even if you knew. But having put the Lyric in a carbon fiber guitar with no bridgeplate or bracing, and having read about the mechanics of pressure zone mics. It is hard for me not to believe that this is not the ideal setup for a pressure zone mic. The whole unobstructed soundboard as opposed to a wood guitar where the bridgeplate is the only unobstructed plate. Just Curious. The mic works fabulously in my carbon. Steve

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