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Thread: LR Baggs Technical Support On The Forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks A Hood View Post
    Hi - Gibson SJ-150 in for repairs with a DOA Element. Saddle issues resolved and pickup is now working albeit with excessive handling noise. I wire clamped the pickup at the exit hole under the bridge and still the handling noise is excessive. To give you an example - playing a Dsus4 chord you actually HEAR your pinky finger hitting the fingerboard through the amp. This is a factory install and I did not see a black dot to indicate correct orientation of the element. Thanks for any help you can provide.
    If you live in an area with good guitar store options, it may serve you to have the nearest Gibson dealer, or a farther one if they're better, have a look at the pickup installation. If you're inclined to trace the problem yourself, I would assess how close to or far from the hole your wire clamp is, whether it is holding the wire tightly or loosely. If the clip is too close to the hole, it can have less effect on wire microphonics. If it's too far or holds the wire too loosely, about the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garett89 View Post
    Hello I have a simon and patrick with a lrbaggs duet pickup my input jack was pulled out and the wires unhooked can anyone tell me which goes where. Its a TRS jack and the wires are blue / whiteish see through / red / black / bare . any helps is greatly appriciated. Thanks
    Did you send an email to [email protected]? If so, sorry for the delay.

    If not, the answer for connecting to a 3-conductor jack is:

    RED to TIP

    The blue and the clear-ish wires go unused as they were for an optional 5-conductor jack with splitter box that was briefly available as an accessory for the original Duet system.

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    Bryan - thanks for the reply. I am a luthier and was repairing the guitar for the owner. Something seemed fishy with it though since all the wires were in a knot hanging in the middle of the guitar when I first got it. The wire clip is as close as possible to the hole as I could get it with respect to the bracing. Clamped tightly. After that, the rest of the pickup had no real place to be attached since it would not reach the location where I clamped the volume control and battery wires. I wire clamped it to the top and tried to have it as tight as possible. I am considering clamping the pickup in a small piece of foam to isolate it.

    Again, thanks for any insight.

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    Hi Brooks,

    In the next to last sentence in your paragraph, you mentioned clamping the wire to the top. Is that a second anchor to the top or the one close to the hole leading to the saddle slot? If it is a second point at which the pickup wire is anchored to the top, it should be moved to either the side or back of the inside of the body. Aside from the one anchor point for the pickup(which is crucial, to be sure), it should not be wire clipped to the soundboard at any other location.

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    Thanks again Bryan - Yes, I did clamp it again to the top. My bad. I will get it clamped to the side after I get in touch with the owner. If that doesn´t get rid of the handling noise (really strong - even when everything was just dangling in the middle of the guitar) is it possible to use foam or something to isolate it better ? Unfortunately we have not had any active distribution of Baggs products here for several years and the Element is not a system that I have seen too much of. I have encouraged the dealer to order several Anthem pickups (which he has done @ NAMM).

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Brooks,

    Making sure the Element wire is anchored to the top at approximately 1-1.5" from the hole, and that being the only soundboard anchor, should eliminate the handling noise or at least reduce it greatly.

    If it persists, contact us directly for more info or to arrange for testing and repair or replacement.

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    Ok Brian - I will get it taken care of - thanks again.

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    Bryan, I'm looking for a pdf of a document that used to be included with either your LB-6 pickup, or the old TRS input mixer preamp which was discontinued long ago. The document related to wiring up various types of mic capsules such as the Joe Mills or Crown GLM200E.

    Specifically, I would like to add a Crown GLM200 to the ring-sleeve pins of your strap-jack, while the M1-Active uses tip-sleeve.

    In the document I'm searching for, the Crown GLM200E was wired with one of the leads to ground with an intermediary resistor-capacitor. I don't remember the values or the wiring.

    Thanks, and best regards.


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    Duet 1: Does any one know where i can get specs and wiring diagram


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