I'm wanting to get the Lyric installed on one of my dreadnoughts. I made a mistake a few years ago and installed a Takemine preamp with a Fishman Pickup under the saddle. The Takemine has a tuner and EQ. Although its sounds ok, I really want to get away from that sound and move to a more natural guitar sound that comes from using a mic. I can't do much about the preamp now, it's there!

My question is this. Would the Lyric be routed through the preamp or go straight to the end pin? Are there any advantages to using the preamp if it were possible?

I can use another guitar if I have to, it would seem a waste of a preamp if I didn't need it. I might as well leave it installed.

I'm about to buy a Bose L1 system for live use. Any thoughts on that set up

Thanks in advance..