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Hi - Gibson SJ-150 in for repairs with a DOA Element. Saddle issues resolved and pickup is now working albeit with excessive handling noise. I wire clamped the pickup at the exit hole under the bridge and still the handling noise is excessive. To give you an example - playing a Dsus4 chord you actually HEAR your pinky finger hitting the fingerboard through the amp. This is a factory install and I did not see a black dot to indicate correct orientation of the element. Thanks for any help you can provide.
If you live in an area with good guitar store options, it may serve you to have the nearest Gibson dealer, or a farther one if they're better, have a look at the pickup installation. If you're inclined to trace the problem yourself, I would assess how close to or far from the hole your wire clamp is, whether it is holding the wire tightly or loosely. If the clip is too close to the hole, it can have less effect on wire microphonics. If it's too far or holds the wire too loosely, about the same.