Hello! My name is AL and I'm brand new to the forum here.

A friend of mine has a Martin DX1 Dreadnought and has recently installed the I-Beam Active. Unfortunately, for live performances there is still way too much bass and lower-mids. At the FOH, we tried a low cut as well as lowering the bass but it still doesn't sound all that great. I suggested that adding an undersaddle piezo might help to balance out the sound.

I saw the LR Baggs Element Replacement Pickup w/2.5mm Mini Plug and thought it might be a good solution. But I'm a little confused because the I-Beam manual and the overview from the site aren't exactly the same.

On the LR Baggs site, it says "There is even a second passive channel available if you would like to add a magnetic or undersaddle pickup to compliment the iBeam." Sounds great!

But then the I-Beam manual says: "10.1 Adding a second pickup: It is possible to add a second pickup to the iBeam Active; however, to avoid crosstalk, the second pickup must have a low impedance output. This requirement essentially eliminates everything but magnetic pickups (such as the M1). Do not use high impedance pickups like the LB6 or Ribbon Transducer with the iBeam Active System."

The element isn't a magnetic pickup. So will this work?