After doing some reading, I am considering either the M1 or the Ibeam and do have a couple of questions regarding the best choice.
I am fairly confident that I can achieve a great sound with either product, but I do wonder which would be best for my playing style and for reduced feedback.

Most of the reviews/comments I've read have been by finger-style players. I play with a flatpick and at times, an aggressive strumming style. In short, I will beat on it. I've read that the M1 is great at reducing feedback, however I wonder how the M1 (or any soundhole pickup) will take to take my playing style. Should I be concerned about bangs/pops from hard, percussive playing?

My only concern with the Ibeam is finding an experienced luthier within a few hours drive, so I'm leaning towards the M1.

If anyone has any thoughts, experiences or tips they could share, I'd greatly appreciate it !

Thanks Much