I have a new Anthem system (full version) in my new Eastman E20D. It sounds amazing, but I'm getting a hum, only on the Tru Mic side of the blend. When I pan all the way to the Element, there's no noise whatsoever, and it sounds great... in fact, WAY better than any other UST I've ever heard. My phase button was broken when I got the system, so Caleb emailed me and is sending me a new button, which is awesome, but I'm wondering if the broken button could be causing my noise. It sounds distinctly like an electrical noise, not a sympathetic vibration. I haven't emailed Baggs directly yet because I want to get that new button in there first. I'm just basically testing the waters to see if maybe anyone else has this issue. I'm also wondering if using a DI box might help. My other guitar has a passive M1 going into a Gigpro and I never used a DI with it, just a balanced 1/4" to XLR cable straight into the PA and it's as quiet as a mouse. I'm also wondering if it may have to do with the Mic Gain. Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!