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Thread: Washburn Festival acoustic guitars and their big oval soundholes / M1 question

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    Thanks for the reply, Woody! That's great info.

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    Smile Washburn acoustic guitars / big oval soundholes: M1/M80 Answer with pictures.

    The final proof! Sorry about the delay since last post, but I eventually decided for the M80. I had it fitted & it sounds great.
    [I think it sounds better with the B pole-pice back in, but will start a separate thread about that.]
    You can see how it fits in the pictures better than I can explain it, but there is
    a) ~1/8 inch clearance between pick-up & end-of-fretboard
    b) sufficient contact area for robust grip (not moved yet) & sound transmission - I can't compare to how it would sound to a simliar guitar with a round sound hole as I don't have one!

    Attached are 2 pictures with pickup fitted
    1. showing whole body
    2013-08-31 12.02.45.jpg
    2. showing close up
    2013-08-31 12.03.05.jpg
    I hope that helps!

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    That looks great, Woody! Thanks for sharing.

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