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Thread: Advice on dialing in an Anthem

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    Advice on dialing in an Anthem

    I had an Anthem (full version) installed in my J-45, which I run through a ParaDI. I played my first gig through the new system tonight (I've played countless gigs through an M-1 with stellar results) but I was shocked at how thin and tinny my guitar sounded tonight. I know that I'm using a world class solution, and I know there's good advice on how to fix this issue. I would sincerely appreciate help/advice on dialing in the ParaDI and Anthem to provide a fuller, woodier sound.

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    Generally, if you are getting a thin sound from your Anthem system, the solution is to lower the "Mic Gain". The mic gain is the small set-screw on the preamp. Adjustments should be made with a "jewelers" size flat-head screwdriver.

    Turning the screw clockwise will turn up the mic, and therefore turn up the mids and highs in the overall sound. Turning it counter-clockwise will lower the mic gain. The goal here is to balance the undersaddle's output with the microphone. Getting this balance is the key to getting the best amplified sound.

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