Hi, Lowden 012 with K&K Western (not sure if orig type or mini) - lovely guitar BUT loads of feedback,even at what I consider very low vols. Could I usefully retain the K&K & combine with a M1? Im used to "plastic" Martins with onboard Fishmans, Id be happy to sound like that still,in band situations, but want to really get the best out of the Lowden in more "concert" solo gigs especially, albeit possibly using a extra onstage (micstand mounted) condenser mic. I have a loan of a Venue, my old Baggs basic preamp/eq got drowned by a glass of port & the tech reckons parts obselete so not repairable - I loved its sound with Baggs passive p'up on a previous Sobell guitar I stupidly sold years ago... - any chance someone could give me a second opinion re repair? I'm planning buying Venue anyway, but would love to repair the old Baggs too, I really think it sounded superior to some newer offerings - 18v make a difference maybe? Sorry for all the questions - Im at my wits end trying to get a good sound & my "plastic" Martin has come to the end of its gigging life! Cheers!