I have a unique semi-hollow electric guitar that's been my primary instrument for 10 years running. It has built-in Baggs electronics, but when I received it both the creator and (only) buyer were deceased. There was no one for me to address questions, and I wasn't about to tear the thing apart (then or now).

The only clue I have is a plate that can be laid across the controls bearing the LR Baggs trademark and the words "Deluxe Acoustic Equalizer". I looked through the catalog but couldn't identify the component, although it's reminiscent of an iMix. The interface has low/mid/hi, variable mids (.4k to 1.6k) and presence, as well as volume and a battery LED (it takes a 9V).

Over the years I've gained some expertise with the electronics, but now I'd like the instruction manual. Can anyone help me unlock the full potential of my guitar?