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Thread: LR Baggs Maximum Achievement.

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    LR Baggs Maximum Achievement.

    Hello, I just bought my LR Baggs DI and really do not know how to get the maximum use of its functions use the LR Baggs for a Martin guitar with Fishman DCPA4 analog and want your recommendation to get the most provecho possible.

    Thanks and I hope your response ...

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    Hi Israel,
    The first step is to get the gain set properly.
    1) Start with the volume at 12 o'clock (0) and the Gain set at about 9 o'clock
    2) Strum the guitar as hard as you would while playing a song.
    3) Turn the gain up (clockwise) until you hear distortion in the signal
    4) Back the gain off (counter-clockwise) just until the distortion disappears

    Once the gain is properly set you will have the strongest signal running into the unit. At this point EQ settings vary greatly for each guitar and pickup system. I would recommend messing around with these settings at home before playing out. Try extreme boosts (clockwise) and cuts (counter-clockwise) with each knob to see the effect they have on the signal. Once you get an idea of how each knob changes the sound it is much easier to get the sound you desire.

    I hope this helps. If you have more questions feel free to respond.


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    This message also received via email. Here is the reply:

    I’m sorry to say there’s little I can do in the way of recommended settings for optimal results. The most I can do is refer you to the section in the manual called “Setting the Gain” that outlines the best method for setting the gain for nearly any signal.

    Beyond that, I’m not able to make effective EQ setting recommendations because there are too many variables in what you’re hearing. An adjustment that works for a particular guitar and pickup through the amp in my office might not sound good for your guitar, pickup, sound system and playing environment and vice versa.

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    Israel: The "optimum" settings for your pre-amp will be........boring.

    Usually, we acoustic players want our amp'd sound to be "just like my guitar, only louder."
    A pre-amp can clarify tone overall, bring down "wolf" tones, bring up weak spots, tame feedback, and allow adjustments in volume. Beyond that, you don't want to hear anything "new;" Just the guitar.

    So, my very basic advise is this: Set the PADI according to the manual instructions. Then, forget about it. Go out. Play for some people. Have fun.



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