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Thread: HELP! LR BAGGS I Beam active pick up

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    HELP! LR BAGGS I Beam active pick up

    Hi everyone!

    I just got the I beam put in my acoustic yesterday. It sounded good on my amp at home but when I took it to play at a local pub my mate said it sounded quite tinny.

    Does that mean now I have to mess around with the EQ on amps/pannels etc where ever I play


    Can it be changed on the actual pick up?

    OR dit the pro repairer put it in the wrong place or could be moved to a better spot?

    Really would love some help, especially from someone who works for LR BAGGS as Ive spent 300bucks and want a good sound NOT a tinny sound =(

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    Hi Fooyou,

    Did you purchase the iBeam Active System(iBAS) with the battery-powered endpin preamp or did you get the passive model?

    If it is the passive model, what sort of device are you connecting the signal to first?

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