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Thread: Venue DI troubleshooting

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    Venue DI troubleshooting

    I am having problems with the power on my Venue. Sometimes the power cuts out (light goes off and no sound) and I have to wiggle the jack that comes in
    from my planet waves cable from my mandolin. Recently I have had issues with the power cutting out completely when I press the boost button to take a
    lead break. It takes a few tries of pressing the tuner button to get power back on. Seem to have the same issue whether I use the AC power adaptor or a
    fresh 9v battery. It's like there is a loose connection in the wiring or contacts... I wondered about using some electrical contact spray. Anyone else had similar problems?

    I've had the Venue for about 2 or 3 years-got it quite soon after they came on the market. Haven't used it a ton, maybe a total of 40 or 50 times. I am an
    amateur player who plays out at jams either through an acoustic amp or through a board with either an acoustic Breedlove mandolin that has a Baggs pickup
    or an Eastwood Mandocaster electric.

    Anyone have any ideas of something I might try before I figure out where and how to return for repair?


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