Hi guys,
I’m new here, and although it seems that this thread is answering the question I came to ask, I’ll run it by you all the same…

I play an acoustic guitar made by an Australian luthier friend in 1991.
It’s as loud as hell, and was equipped with a piezo and fishman preamp (in 1991).

Last year I decided I couldn’t stand the sound of the piezo anymore, and I put in a
fishman rare earth, the sound of which I’m more than happy with.
Now I no longer have any body noise, and I do like to bang on my axe occasionally.

My gig situation varies from small pubs / restaurants, to larger stages – I don’t like to play too loud,
but sometimes I go out with a stand up bassist and drummer.

Anyway, I’ve a new guitar on its way (from the same luthier), and I’m searching for a pick up system.

It seems to me that the m80 may be what I’m after, but I guess I need reassuring (like most musicians)…

I’d appreciate any feedback or advice you may be able to give me.


all good things,