I have a vintage DeArmond soundhole, humbucker, magnetic pickup (http://bit.ly/LtLeMt) that I love for that old vintage sound. I also want to combine some sort of internal mic.

I'd like to use the imix as I can't find another internal dual preamp system with eq & blend! Now instead of using the included components I'd like to use the DeArmond magnetic pickup & the foam mic found in your Dual Source setup http://bit.ly/KhbJFU.

Now given that you don't officially support this, could I make it work with some mods? Any issues I could come across?

  • I'd have to make special connectors for the mag & the foam mic. What sort of connectors? Mono or Stereo?
  • Can I use my mag & mic on either channel on the preamp or are the channels more tuned to a specific type of pickup?
  • Will I have any issue of preamping my mag? I was advised to go straight to amp or PA system with this mag
  • How would the sound of the LR Baggs foam mic differ from traditional boom mics?