After many, many years of searching, I've finally found the system that works for me: the LB-6 + Para DI. Yeah, I know they've been around forever, but I've just now gotten around to trying that combo. No, it's not as realistic as some, but IMHO it's very musical and responsive. Warm, but with a nice crisp high end. The dreaded quack can easily be minimized with a little judicious eq. And what could be simpler ... and no batteries since I'm using the passive version of the LB-6 and phantom power from the board for the Para DI.

I guess the most significant downside to the LB-6 is the cost of the installation, which requires an experienced and well-equipped luthier. And since I've always done my own, any cost was more than I was use to. However Bobby Scoby at Martin Music in Memphis did a A+ job using the required saddle slot cutting jig, etc. Plus, I have a new appreciation for the importance of a good install.

Public thanks to Bobby and to LR Baggs for keeping this terrific product around for all these years.

Rusty Benson
Tupelo, MS