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Thread: Para di box problem

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    Para di box problem

    I am wondering whether anyone has experienced this. The DI box stopped working the other day, so I figured a battery change was due. Despite the fresh battery , the DI refused to work. On top of that the battery had become so hot I couldn't touch it! Scary stuff. I was concerned it might combust. Has anyone seen this before. I am betting the unit is a throwaway.

    It was such a pleasure of sweet sound, playing it with the lyric pickup on my old J45. I don't know whether I should just replace it, or move up to the Venue.

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    Hey pacificdreamer,
    I just responded to your email. The only times where I have seen the battery heat up like that is when it was inserted backwards into the battery drawer. The drawer does have two different size slots, but some batteries can still be put in the wrong way. If you let the DI cool down for an hour or so, and re-install the battery in the correct orientation, it should work fine.

    Please let me know if the DI is still not working at that point, and we can go from there.

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    The battery drawer has a pretty clear little diagram of how the battery is supposed to go in, so i thought i did it correctly. I will try reversing the battery right away and let you know. Many thanks

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    so i feel pretty dumb now. I reversed the battery and everything works and sounds great. I really do like this DI box. Thank you so very much

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    It's no problem! I'm glad that it was something simple.

    All the best-

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