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Thread: Adding second source to Element

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    Adding second source to Element

    I have a guitar with a K&K installed and it just doesn't cut it. Sounds fine just doesn't have the presence to suit me. Can I install an Element and then solder the K&K to the ring channel? The Element installation guide says not to use a high impedance pickup like the iBeam, but I don't know if the K&K is high impedance. I do have have a stereo preamp to mix two signals. Thanks.

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    Hi M1A,

    The K&K is a high impedance signal. What you can encounter, if the two signals travel down a stereo cable inside the same shield, is that the low impedance signal(in this case the preamped Element) will bleed or cross-talk into the lead carrying the high impedance passive piezo. The longer the TRS cable between the guitar and the external mixer, the more bleed there can be. It ultimately means you won't have complete isolation of both signals. You can isolate the Element but, if you're looking for more punch and snap from the strings, it may not be a bad thing to have some Element in the K&K signal.

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    I've run a K&K through a Para DI with pretty good results.
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