I really want to like this pickup. I've read positive reviews and feel it has to be something unique to me. I own several other Sound hole pickups from all the leading manufacturers - I've installed them many times.

The problem:
1) The pickup almost sounds like a mic on the border of feeding back. A shrill tone on some notes with no body and a ring overtone. I might compare it to a transducer pickup which is making poor body contact. If i turn the pickup way down (2-3) and turn up the amp it improves. If I remove ALL of the mids - it improves however is still lurking faintly in the background.

What I have tried:
1) I've remounted the pickup so that it is not pressed up against the sound hole leaving 1/16 of an inch and clamping it down. - No improvement

2) I've adjusted the poll pieces so they are closer to the strings to give more pickup and less body. - This showed some improvement which I expected... however, I still have the issue. This leads me to believe the issue is in the pickup's ability to pickup the body vibrations. If I tap the guitar top with a blunt finger - I would expect a "thud" I get a "tick" I believe this is my core problem.

Questions: What next?

Could the cover of the pickup be loose and causing this issue? Has LR Baggs seen this kind of issue?
How does the pickup process the top vibrations?
Is there a transducer in the case somewhere which could be lose?
Could this be a battery issue?
Should I have maybe purchased the non-active version which my Bose seems to cater too in their Tonematch presets??

I've moved this pickup through several guitars and have had the same issue in each. The easy answer is "defective pickup" however, I've already purchased this pickup once and returned it for the same reasons.
I'm really not that picky with sound hole pickups - however this is one of those real issues and I can't believe it is just an attribute of the pickup which you need to "EQ out" If so, I'm really surprised the M1A has the reviews it has... as I have pickups from other manufacturers which don't have these issues.

Again, I really want to like this pickup and feel all the magic which others have written about... any assistance is appreciated from LR Baggs and others a like.