Hi there

Just wanted some help with my M1A pickup. Love the samples people have done with it and want it to work well with my guitar too.

When playing through a DI into PA sound system, sound guys always ask if I can turn it up (normally I start around volume 7 with little signal going to the system). However when I turn it all the way to 10 the signal clips and my sound is distorting.

I also tried using the pickup through a midi interface for recording (M-Audio Fast track). A similar issue occurs where little to no signal goes through until the gain on the midi box is maxed out. At this point I start getting a distorted signal as well.

I have replaced the battery with improvement but still has same issue. Went to the local music store where I purchased the pickup and used it through a Marshall acoustic amp. It sounded excellent through there.

Is there any settings on the desk or DI I need to make the pickup work effectively or do I need to run it through an amplifier for it to sound good?

Any help is much appreciated.