Hi all,

I have a Martin D41 and when gigging I connect it to a cheap Zoom A2.1u pedal to use as a tuner and a DI.

I have an LR Baggs Anthem installed in the axe and I have just ordered a Venue DI.

This is probably a stupid question, but with all the EQ settings to play around with on the Venue - what should I set the EQ to on my guitar channel on the mixer
at gigs? i.e. should the highs, mids and lows be all set to 12 o clock on the mixer and then dial in the EQ settings that I want on the Venue?

Also, excuse my ignorance but I presume the Venue is going to provide me with some benefits over the cheap pedal that I'm using at the moment?

(sorry I don't know much about preamps, DI's, etc - I just have the Anthem and Venue based on great reviews!!)

Thanks guys!!