This is my first post, so a quick introduction!
I have a modest collection of guitars, nothing too fancy but a wide variety that i have been building up along side a few recording projects I've been focusing on this year.

I've always been quite a fan of Ibanez guitars, and about 10 years ago had a cheeky play with one of their then top of the range LR Baggs Piezo equipped models. Being a poor broke student back then, there was no chance i could afford one. I've been looking for years, and a couple of weeks back managed to land myself a bit of a bargain - i am now happy as Larry to have added a 2001 Ibanez S2020X (AV) to my collection complete with those wonderful piezos.

Unfortunately, satisfaction has turned to frustration, and i am hoping that someone, somewhere may be able to help. The one feature i really liked on the guitar i played way back was the fact that i could blend the piezo and magnetic sounds together. It seems the S2020X that i have is not capable of this trick, which I am completely 'fed up' about. Must have been the later model - the S2120X that i played all those years back.

Anyway, having explored the ibanez support route (no comment..) i thought i would turn here as there seems to be a lot of very helpful and intelligent posting going on within these forums!

what im wondering is, maybe i can change the wiring inside the guitar to get the effect i am after? having looked at some wiring diagrams, i have a horrible feeling that the "limitation" on this model of guitar (so far as my desire to mix peizo and magnetic sounds is concerned anyway!) might be the internal L Baggs pre-amp board; in so much as it is only capable of outputting one 'source' at a time. What i really need is more info / any thoughts on what might be possible.. as i really am struggling to get any clear detail about this model from Ibanez.

I'm wondering, can anyone here suggest anything? If only i could get my hands on an equivalent pre-amp board to the updated on in the 2002 S2120X model, i think i could do the necessary re-wiring no problem!

Just to outline the situation in a bit more detail, my S2020X has the following controls, and i have no documentation stating for certain what they do:
1 x push button near bridge
1 x 2 position toggle switch
1 x magnetic / overall volume pot
1 x magnetic tone pot
1 x piezo pot (soldered directly to the preamp PCB)
2 outputs

from what i can tell, using one of the outputs allows me to use the toggle switch to switch between magnetic and piezo sounds, and depending on the state of the button using the other output either sends no sound, or the piezo sound. If only i could blend the two somehow, or at least output one though each output on the guitar - ive had both hooked up to my DAW and only one output is ever active at a time.

I've attached wiring diagrams I've managed to find for this model, and the one that came a year later (and does have the mix / blend feature) incase someone is more capable of following schematics than i am.
Perhaps i can add a 3 way toggle switch and rewire some things slightly - maybe adding in a blend pot too? - to get what I've always wanted? There is next to no chance of me managing to acquire the later model of guitar after buying this one, and they are pretty tough to sell

Sorry for such a long post - especially as it's my first here (i do intend to stick around and hopefully learn some things!) but i am really hoping someone can suggest something or help in some way, but i fear my chances are slim!

thanks all,