Hi All,

Would appreciate some input. I am thinking of either getting the M1 or the element to pair with my Ibeam active. I also use the Venue DI and Feedback Master. I am kinda leaning towards the M1 because there is no drilling involved. I know the element is paired with the Ibeam ala Imix but wanted to know if I could also pair the M1 active with my Ibeam via the Imix? Would both work with the Imix preamp pin? I plan to use them in stereo, M1 via Venue DI and the Ibeam through the feedback master. Another question is what is the feedback rating on the M1? I was hoping it would carry me through a very loud band. Opinions too on the sound of the M1 vs the element would be great. Thanks in advance! Oh, yeah, been an LR Baggs fan for a very long time now, love the new forum/fan site!