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Thread: 1975 Martin D35

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    1975 Martin D35

    I want to play small bars, solo fingerpicking some strumming. What is the absolute best sound for my Martin? 1 caveat, I am a traditionalist, I don't like seeing electronics on an acoustic. Wire out of the endpin is one thing, but a soundhole that is all blocked up all the time drives me nuts. What are the choices, and keep it reasonably priced, 150-250.
    Thanks, John

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    Hi John,
    The Anthem SL might be just what you're looking for. The sound is extremely natural for finger picking and strumming, and it is highly resistant to feedback when played live. The volume control that goes in the sound hole can be placed further inside the guitar to avoid being seen.

    In my opinion the Anthem SL is our most natural sounding pickup, and it usually sells for about $199 in most stores.

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