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Thread: Yamaha Apx 900 and LR Baggs M1

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    Yamaha Apx 900 and LR Baggs M1

    Hi people!
    I own a Yamaha Apx 900, wonderfull guitar, but I would like to upgrade it with the LR Baggs M1. The problem that i'm facing is this:
    This is the guitar:
    As you can see the hole has this black plastic thing.
    I wonder if it's a problem for the installation of the M1 or I just clamp the pickup upon that thing and that's it.
    What do you think?

    Thanks for your time.


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    Hi Michele,

    I happen to have a Yamaha APX model guitar in my office and, unfortunately, none of our magnetic soundhole pickup options are applicable because the raised plastic rosette brings the pickup too close to the strings.

    I'm sorry to say that our magnetic pickups are not a viable option for that model of guitar as long as that ring is attached.

    DSC04967 (600x800).jpg

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    Thank you Bryan, very nice answer even if it brings bad news.

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