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Thread: Element Active VTC - Alavarez SLM Metal saddle slot

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    Element Active VTC - Alavarez SLM Metal saddle slot

    Hey all, I am new to this forum, and hoping to gain some insight.

    I have a late 70s model Alvarez SLM acoustic, and am wanting to amp it. Currently, I am using the M1A, and it works very well. I have been wanting to install a piezo, for two reasons 1) to remove the visible pickup from the sound hole, and 2) to possibly remove chances for feedback...EDIT: I don't get feedback with the M1A, unless I am attempting to overdrive or add effects. However, I am looking to use a soundhole plug or cover, which would preclude my ability to use a soundhole pickup.

    The SLM has a metal saddle slot. Do I drill through this metal slot as well at the bridge to install the transducer, and will the pickup even work when installed on a metel saddle slot?

    I hope these questions make sense.

    Thanks for any insight!

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