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Thread: M1 passiv with other Preamps

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    M1 passiv with other Preamps


    i want to use the M1 passiv wiht a non lr baggs preamp. Because I need a build in tuner, and parametric Mids.

    Is there anyone who uses the M1 passiv with fishman prefix +, or other build in preamps ?

    What are your experince about that kombination ?


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    The LR Baggs Venue DI might be a good choice.
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    Hi Steve,

    The passive M1 has a fairly low output. I can say it would not hurt anything for you to connect the passive M1 into the pickup input of another maker's preamp unit but you will probably encounter a mis-match between the output from the pickup and the gain structure and EQ voicing of the preamp. The Prefix Plus is normally paired with a pickup with much higher output. Connecting a lower output pickup in its place will result in a weaker output from the system overall and a lower signal-to-noise ratio.

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