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Thread: Anthem SL in Santa Cruz

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    Anthem SL in Santa Cruz

    I am considering putting an Anthem pickup in my Santa Cruz Vintage Jumbo. I think that the standard Anthem control module will be too invasive, but the SL might be OK. I am particularly keen to minimize the attentuation of the acoustic signature. Anyhelp with this dilemma will be appreciated.

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    Hi Ian,

    In the interest of maintaining the guitar's acoustic output and tone, I must mention that the Element undersaddle pickup can have a detectable affect on the acoustic performance. Because you're placing something other than what the saddle and bridge are made of between the two, you will affect the transference of energy from the strings into the soundboard. Virtually any undersaddle transducer can have such an affect on the acoustics.

    I suspect the weight or size of the soundhole-mounted control unit could have less impact on the acoustic properties than the pickup.

    I can say the Anthem is the most natural and accurate plugged-in sound we can offer from any system we make. If you are looking for that and expect to play amplified most of the time, I highly recommend the Anthem or Anthem-SL. If you only anticipate plugging in on rare occasions, or less than half the time, you might want to consider a pickup that produces a good response to the guitar but does not impact the acoustic properties or can be removed when not in use.

    For that, I encourage you to look at the M80:

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