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Thread: LB 6 Pickup / Which way to go

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    LB 6 Pickup / Which way to go

    I have a Takamine acoustic guitar. It has an on-board preamp that is not very high quality. I purchased the Para DI from LR Baggs and that was well worth the money for getting my guitar to warmer sounds. I have since purchased the LB6, referred to me by my professional guitar friends. Before installation, should I wire it to my current on board preamp, or should I bypass the preamp? Whats gonna give me the warm acoustic sound I'm looking for, without buying a better more expensive guitar???? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    If you are using the Para DI I would recommend bypassing the on board preamp. Make you you use a cable under 10' long going into the Para DI and you should get a nice strong signal.


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