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Thread: How to remove ibeam without damage

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    How to remove ibeam without damage

    I just installed an ibeam in my Taylor guitar. When removing the pickup for repositioning I found the adhesive on the double sided tape to be so aggressive that it actually broke off one of the end pieces of the pickup. I was able to superglue the end back in place but that end of the pickup doesn't seem to put out the same volume as it did before. I know these pickups are designed to be removed and repositioned. Is there any safe way to remove them without causing damage??

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    To remove the iBeam, it should be pulled off from the middle of the pickup. The ends are VERY sensitive, and can be damaged beyond repair. Pulling from the middle of the iBeam toward the soundhole with all four of your index fingers should do the trick. Steady pressure applied usually causes the pickup to pop right off.

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