Hi there,

Proud new user of the Anthem (non-SL) here, and I have two questions.

First of all, when the gents at my local music store installed it for me they said they had to take out the bridge of my guitar in order to do it properly. When I got it back the action was different and I noticed they also slipped a spacer in under the nut. So, now my instrument feels different and tends to go a little flat when I play a high chord. I have a feeling when I call them to ask they'll say it was necessary to do these things in order to install it so I wanted to get some advice here on what to say to that, if anything. It should be said that they are a licensed installer of L.R. Baggs gear (Long & McQuade of Toronto).

Secondly, while I dig the overall sound that the Anthem produces I find it really quite hypersensitive in the treble department. For instance, every tiny little touch of the strings registers a pretty audible sound and when I strum it's nearly abrasive. For example, when I let go of the strings to change chords I can hear the release in the form of a little 'wromp' as the vibration stops. Perhaps the Anthem is just really unforgiving and I need to be a better guitar player, but it really does seem too sensitive. I expected more clarity and depth but this is somewhat extreme on the former. Is this just the way it is with the Anthem? I have tried playing with the settings and the phase button, but it still seems a bit much. I'd be happy to provide an audio sample if need be to illustrate.

Thanks very much!!