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Thread: Anthem with magnetic pickup

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    Anthem with magnetic pickup


    I need help. I want to combine the microphone from my Anthem system with a sunrise magnetic pickup.
    Can I use the input from the element preamp built inside?
    Or should I make it all passive, go out with a stereo jack and use a summit audio mic/line preamp?

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    Hi Till,
    If you were to combine the two you would not get satisfactory sound. The preamp is designed specifically for the element pickup to maximize its strengths and minimize its weakness. Also, the signals are combined within the preamp to have a mono output.


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    Hi Christian, thanks for your information. I do it the passive way out with a stereo jack. Till

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    Hi Till! Have you managed to run your gear? I am looking for the same combination: M1 pickup with Anthem Pro preamp...

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