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The Lyric is definitely based on the Anthem. It doesn't have the UST, so it isn't as resistant to feedback at higher volumes. It's feedback resistance is better than soundboard transducers, but not quite as good as under-saddle transducers. So for a standalone mic, it is much more usable than any other mic designed for live use.

So the Anthem maintains the feedback resistance by its under-saddle pickup, and the Lyric is easier to install and sounds more well-rounded and, in my opinion, more natural.

The mics in each system are different too. The Lyric mic capsules are tested for a certain set of parameters that match the Lyric preamp. The Anthem mics are tested for qualities in the same way, but for the Anthem preamp.

I hope that helps.
I'm looking to amplify my classical. The lyric sounded appealing until reviews pointed out that it lacks the bottom end because it has no ust and because its preamp explicitly chops it off in an effort to reduce feedback so you can't even compensate via eq. That would bother me. If I'm willing to go through the extra installation hassle, does the Anthem not give me the best of both worlds by allowing more bottom end? (I'm not concerned about feedback)

Thanks in advance!