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Thread: adapting a standard style x-bridge

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    adapting a standard style x-bridge

    I have a standard style strat now with an x-bridge installed (2 pivot screws/posts) I would like to install this bridge on my new strat which is a vintage style (6 pivot screws). The body is routed for a humbucker in the bridge position, so there is less material b/t the cavity for the bridge and the routing for the p/u. Can this be done, or do the 6 pivot screw holes result in the material being too weak to support the 2 pivot screws/posts? Thanks in advance!!
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    I wouldn't recommend using a Standard Bridge with a Vintage drilled body. We actually make a Vintage style X-Bridge for that exact reason. The supports are too different. So unless you are willing to pay someone to fill the Vintage holes and drill new Standard style holes (there may not even be enough room, like you said), swapping the bridges isn't the best idea.

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