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Thread: big difference between the sound of 2 acoustics w Anthem

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    big difference between the sound of 2 acoustics w Anthem

    Hi guys!

    I bought the Anthem for my Santa Cruz acoustic a couple years ago and I love how it sounds. Recently I bought another Anthem for my acoustic baritone and (installed by another technician) the sound is completely different. I'm not shure if it's installed properly... the mic sound is way brighter and the piezo sound is very dark compared to the other guitar I have.. kind of like the oposite of what i'm used to with the other guitar... any clues?


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    Hey Andreu,
    Have you made any adjustments to the mic trim control yet? That's the screwdriver adjustment.

    Having that set too high will make the mic sound anywhere from brighter to brittle and thin.

    The pickup itself may sound darker because of the actual saddle material or guitar. However the mic's brightness should be easily controlled.

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