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Thread: Lyric Acoustic Mic for a resonator steel guitar...?

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    Lyric Acoustic Mic for a resonator steel guitar...?

    Hi all,

    Has anyone any experience with the Lyric Mic System with a steel resonator guitar? I have a Recording King Tri-Cone which I thought might benefit...


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    Hi Rick,
    We are actually working on something to that end, right now. However, without any modification, I can say that the Lyric mic sounds horrible when attached directly to the Reso Cone. The preamp, battery and mic placement are all problems by themselves inside a resonator.

    We are working on some ideas, so stay tuned. I wouldn't recommend using the current Lyric on a resonator though.

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    Hi there,I know alot of people would be interested in a Lyric style set-up for resonator guitar, are they still working on such a system as this? I think this would be the ultimate way to amplify reso guitars,


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    We have some ideas in the works. I'm not sure exactly when anything will be available though.

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    Thanks for the update Caleb, I have a felling it would be worth wait!

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