Caleb, Lloyd, et. al:

First, I think you should announce that the Lyric is on backorder. My efforts to find one here, in stock at the shops (and even the "guitar box store"), have been fruitless. Finally, a luthier friend gave y'all a call, and found out you are waiting on a part. Great.

My only concern is that the public might get the idea that there is a problem with the design and you are having to re-tool or recall

(Again, this is not meant as a "flame" comment. I am a big fan of Anthem and Baggs in general)

I've ordered my Lyric.

Now, I have an installation question.

Is the presence control pre-set (as in, in the middle, or a "manufacturer's recommended setting")?

It is configured as a "set it and forget it," screw. But I would think that presence (high mids/low treble?) level is just what one might want to adjust for older or newer strings, a dead room versus alive room, etc. I can adjust presence from my Venue preamp (same frequencies?) so I'm inclined to think I should just leave it in the middle, assuming that is how it comes.

Perhaps my real question should be, "Am I over thinking this?"