First, wow on the Lyric. Installed in my Maccassar/Cedar Taylor and the sound is stunning. I've gone through everysystem out there and this one is IT! My pal who plays through a very complex system with a pendulum was blown away. I run this through a PADI and it's magic.

Two questions-
1)it seems the system has a low shelf frequency. Can you reveal the frequency? If I cut bass on the PADI it seems like nothing happens, which makes me think it has already been cut.

2) is this system ok for nylons? I want to pull the system on my taylor Nylon and am hoping this works just as well in that application.

For the Taylor owners out there, you might want to check out Butch Boswell's tru-plug it is a great way to get a clean install on your taylor when you remove the tailblock assembly. Well worth it!!!