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Thread: I-Beam active for classical guitar strapjack positioning

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    I-Beam active for classical guitar strapjack positioning

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but have been an I-Beam user for some years now since my Ibanez 12 string was fitted with the I-Beam system.
    I know there are plenty of different pick-ups available but everybody is jealous of the sound from my 12 string when played through my PA system. I couldn't ask for a better sound.

    Because of that I chose to install the I-Beam active in my Prudencio Saez classical and I'm elated with the result. Played through my Marshall AS50D amp it's true and mellow, and even better through the PA system.

    However one thing I need to mention. We were just about to drill the hole for the end-pin jack when I realised that the jack plug would be directly in line with my inner thigh when playing in the classical position.

    We drilled further around the body so the jack plug would be pointing at the floor between my legs and fitted a spacer/reinforcing block to hold the end-pin securely.

    I'm just wondering if it would not be an idea for L R Baggs to advise potential users of this issue. Maybe some classical guitarists could manage the end pin but for me it would have been a disaster.

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    Hi Viv,
    Thanks for the note. I haven't come across anyone who has had this issue yet, but I can definitely see the potential issue. Thanks for sharing!

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