I am looking to buy a better acoustic soundhole pickup for my Gibson Dove to upgrade from bottom of the range Seymour Duncan Woody. I don't want to make any modifications to the guitar - the Woody fits into the soundhole without any fixings - so I am looking for something similar. I am currently torn between a Fishman Rare Earth Blend, an M1 active and an M80, but the M1 is probably the realistic choice in my price range (I would like to get a DI box as well, probably not immediately).

If I were to go for the M1A or the M80, would it be possible to keep the pick-up clamped in and have the wire running out of the soundhole? I am very used to this arrangement with the SD Woody.

Would I need to buy any more cables, or do the M1A and the M80 come with everything required for this kind of set up?

If it helps, I play in an acoustic folk/rock/americana band, mostly strumming (with two other guitarists, electric bass, violin playing most of the lead lines), some finger picking.

Thanks in advance for any help.